St George's Urban Village, Birmingham

Birmingham's past is inexorably linked to its future. Before all the industrial buildings stood on the site of SGUV there were once houses, in one of which some of our own forbears lived.

This historical narrative forms the backbone of the concept of the Urban Village. A settlement of not just buildings but a collection of homes for all tastes, from loft studios to four-bedroom town houses, shops, workplaces, cafes, and leisure facilities. The ghosts of our forebears should be able to recognise SGUV, not as a zoned post-war planning exercise, but as a community being built.

These 304 dwellings will offer the familiar embodiment of what makes a village special. Public space, recognisable architecture, ‘the local', a sense of place and creative belonging, all self-contained and mixed with the vibrancy of a world class city.

Project value: £30 million