Co-op Retail

Project: New build Co-op retail unit
Contract Value: £436k
Duration: 20 weeks
Location: Dosthill
Client: Hinton Properties

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GRM provides project management and quantity surveying services for construction projects.


We aim to help the project exceed the client’s objectives, by providing project management services including contract, finance and programme administration services.

Cost control and forecasting are the foundation of our quantity surveying services, including reliable budgeting and advice to establish project viability at the initial stages and finance monitoring during construction.


Project: New build Porsche dealership
Contract Value: £4.45m
Duration: 38 weeks
Location: East London
Client: Jardine

Next Retail

Project: Alterations and extension of an existing retail unit to form a Next
Contract Value: £2.55m
Duration: 26 weeks
Location: Tamworth
Client: The Trustees of J.B.Aucott

Cooks Lane

Project: 27 new build flats
Contract Value: £2.2m
Duration: 41 weeks
Location: North Solihull
Client: Waterloo Housing Group


Project: Refurbishment of Ferrari dealership
Contract Value: £1.6m
Duration: 28 weeks
Location: Egham
Client: Sytner


Project: Refurbishment of Lamborghini dealership
Contract Value: £600k
Duration: 11 weeks
Location: Leicester
Client: Sytner

Premier Inn

Project: Conversion of an existing office building to form a Premier Inn hotel
Contract Value: £2.88m
Duration: 32 weeks
Location: Birkenhead
Client: Hinton Properties


Project: Refurbishment of Bentley dealership
Contract Value: £188k
Duration: 9 weeks
Location: Birmingham
Client: Sytner

Sainsbury’s Local

Project: New build Sainsbury’s local
Contract Value: £425k
Duration: 20 weeks
Location: Malvern Vale
Client: Hinton Properties


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